Board Certified Physician, Dr. Michael Rothman, Releases a Series of Articles Supporting Medical Cannabis in Medicine

Wall, NJ, USA – September 27, 2018 – Dr. Michael Rothman is a board-certified physician from New Jersey and he has proudly announced the publication of his all-new ‘Medical Marijuana Series’. The informative series comprises of Dr. Rothman’s years of research and experience, and it covers the use of cannabis in the medical industry, in an effort to guide the reader amidst all the misconception in the media. This series is a collection of well-researched articles that are getting a phenomenal response from medical industry practitioners and the general public worldwide.

“Cannabis has successfully been used in medicine since 1937 and this demonstrates that marijuana use in medicine is not something new or ‘out of the box’.” Reports Dr. Michael Rothman of MD Wellness, while talking about the medicinal use of marijuana and its historic significance. “This Medical Marijuana Series is all not only about the common misconceptions regarding the use of cannabis in medicine, but also an in-depth look at its effectiveness with each article backed by research and evidence.” Dr. Rothman has been dedicatedly serving as a physician for more than two decades now and he has shared his in-depth knowledge, experience, and understanding of the issue in this informative series.

According to Dr. Michael Rothman, studies have shown that medical marijuana can be very useful for decreasing various types of pain among his patients. These pains include chronic pain caused by cancer, pain resulting from various neurologic diseases and pain created by muscle spasticity and much more. In addition to his practice within the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program, Dr. Rothman has been treating an overwhelming number of patients in the past 20 years as an emergency room physician and Director of MD Wellness, a holistic medical group.

“Most people are not aware with historical facts that cannabis or marijuana has been used medicinally in the United States since the mid-1800’s until 1937,” said Dr. Michael Rothman, while talking about the medicinal use of cannabis. “The aim of this series is to clarify the misconceptions as I am only uncovering the already discovered information regarding cannabis use in medicine,” he added. The physician has surfaced several other key facts and useful information to give people a better understanding of using cannabis-based medicine.

This recently published Medical Marijuana Series is already getting raving reviews from the medical community worldwide, and the feedback from readers has been encouraging and positive. The articles published in this series thoroughly discuss many diseases and the effects of cannabis-based medicine in their effective treatment. From anxiety-based disorders to cancer and more complicated diseases, the scientific information revealed in this series is an inspiring service by Dr. Rothman to the industry.

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