Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is A Harsh Critic Of Legalizing Pot.

Due to California’s sheer size, a smooth transition — or, alternately, a clumsy one — may go a long way toward influencing other states’ attitudes about marijuana, especially considering that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a harsh critic of legalizing pot. “If California can do it right,” Scatizzi said, “and if the amount of taxes they’re predicting comes in, and if it’s able to (reduce) some of our deficits, with no increase in cannabis-related accidents and we don’t see an increases in crimes related to cannabis, it’s going to blow all of the naysayers out of the water.” In Canada, marijuana for medicinal purposes is already legal in every province and the country’s lawmakers are on the verge of doing the same thing for recreation use, effective July 2018. Jacob Crow, the CEO of Toronto-based BudTender, said a successful implementation in California depends on coordinating each sector of the industry. “I think what California can learn from Canada is go as strict as possible and then move off. That’s the way to do it,” Crow said. “If you go too loose, there’s too much of an opportunity for the black market. You see that in Colorado. They’ve killed off the black market significantly but 33 percent of all cannabis is being sold through the black market.

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