As Of April 21, The Coalition To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Had Raised About $140,000 From Four Donors.

Municipalities that authorize marijuana businesses would get 15 percent, and affected counties would receive 15 percent. There would be five categories of licensed marijuana businesses – retailers, cultivators, processors, testing facilities and transporters. A special license would be available for small businesses to grow up to 150 plants and to process, package and sell the marijuana directly to customers. Industrial hemp production also would be legalized. Marijuana-filled cooler worth $24K donated to Goodwill According to national polls, a solid majority of Americans support legalization. Gallup’s latest survey gauged support at 60 percent, up from 12 percent from when the question was first posed in 1969. “If we’re out there talking honestly about cannabis , we’re going to continue to see public opinion continue to change in favor of ending prohibition,” said Jeff Irwin, a former Democratic state lawmaker who is the campaign’s political director. As of April 21, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol had raised about $140,000 from four donors. They include Troy-based tobacco retailer Smokers Outlet Management, which says on its website that it is now Wild Bill’s Tobacco ($50,000); Lansing entrepreneur Sam Usman Jr. ($50,000), Andrew Driver Jr. of Gaylord ($25,000) and the Marijuana Policy Project ($3,100).

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