And I Do Know That The People Of Florida Knew Exactly What They Were Voting On When They Voted.

Morgan is suing the state over lawmakers’ decision this summer that patients qualifying for medical cannabis may not actually smoke it. They must instead stick to marijuana-infused balms, oils and substances that can be “vaped.” Morgan said some patients find that smoking cannabis is more effective in relieving symptoms than other ways of ingesting the drug. Besides, he said, voters gave a clear message to the Legislature that medical marijuana should be available in all forms. “Sixty percent is a landslide; 71 percent, I don’t know what that is,” Morgan said. “And I do know that the people of Florida knew exactly what they were voting on when they voted. And when they were voting on it, the vast majority, if not 100 percent, knew that smoke was included.” House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues, R-Estero, said blocking smokable cannabis is a matter of public health because inhaling smoke is not healthy or a proper way to take a medicine. Rodrigues said little to specifically counter Morgan’s argument about voter intent, saying that it is now a matter for the courts. “We believe the Legislature has enacted an implementing bill that is true to both the letter and the spirit of the constitutional amendment, and we believe we will prevail in court,” he said. “If smoking were intended then it should have been declared so in the constitutional amendment.” He added that smoking may help normalize cannabis use and help the cause of those who would see it fully legalized. “I think you can see where that has been the case in other states,” Rodrigues said. Kelley, the lawyer for the Marijuana Policy Project, said that Florida would likely need to allow cannabis smoking for full legalization to work. Not only does it get the public used to cannabis use, it would allow businesses to develop the infrastructure to process, package and sell the plant in the way recreational users most commonly consume it.

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