Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) has today
given highlights of how it has been performing over the first half of 2019. The
market will close on Wednesday, and shortly after, the business guru will hold
a conference call. It will take advantage of this conference call to undertake
a review of its business and financial results.

The turn of events in business

from this, the company says it has also filed its Form 10-K for the previous
year. The next step will be to file its Form 10-Qs for this year, and it will
be for both the first and second quarters. This should happen before the
conference call to be held on Wednesday. An official working with the company
says it is important for them to complete these delinquent SEC filings. This is
a way for them to comply with the Nasdaq listing rules.

President, who is also the CEO, is happy with this year’s financial results.
According to him, the company has witnessed an impressive first-half. He thanks
the teams in the company for their dedication. These teams have delivered
greater volumes, and this has worked well towards attending to the fast-rising
demand. The company official says that it means quite much for them to exceed
their set business expectations.

He opined, “Our $300 million cannabinoid development collaboration is also exceeding our expectations. We are now on track to be the first company to produce multiple cannabinoids at commercial scale that are fermentation derived in 2020.”

A focus into the future

the upcoming conference call, the company intends to do several things. The
first one would be to discuss all aspects of its financial results. Secondly,
it will give updates on its business outlook this year. Thirdly, it will
discuss the way forward in terms of its ability to achieve even better results
in the future.

lot of the shareholders have been looking forward to seeing the company issue
out its customary release earings. A person well conversant with the matter,
but who wanted his identity kept anonymous says the company won’t be doing any
such thing.

is set to unveil its financial results for both the first and the second
quarter of this year. It is going to do that through the Form 10-Qs filing.