Alicia Works To Sell, Buy Or Manage What Used To Be Properties Housing The Booming Flower Market, Properties That Have Since Fallen Apart Due To Various Free Trade Agreements Over The Years.

Alicia works to sell, buy or manage what used to be properties housing the booming flower market, properties that have since fallen apart due to various free trade agreements over the years. She says ever since California legalized marijuana, there’s new life breathing into the valley and sucking dry the idea of continuing with the cut flowers business, when owners can sell their properties for millions. “It wouldn’t make sense to grow flowers, you know, at $5 million,” she said. Under new California law, cannabis cultivators are banned from building new greenhouses, unless they are built in the footprint of old ones.So any “green” house in the state has the potential to evolve into a “grow” house. “California cannabis is its own brand, no different than California wine or anything else,” Michael Williamson, the director of operations at Harborside, a leading cannabis grower and distributor in Northern California. He says his hairnet, white jumpsuit and gloves are a way to keep the product pure and free from human interaction. “When you look at our product and our plants, it’s really not that different than a lot of the cut flowers market,” he said. “Which makes this valley kind of the potential to be the Sonoma Valley of cannabis.” Williamson wouldn’t say how much Harborside makes on its product, adding that for now, it’s grown solely for medical purposes. He said the company is eyeing Los Angeles for what’s to come. “Our moral compass is always the same,” he said. “We want to create a safe, consistent and hopefully potent cannabis.” Growers in Monterey County say they take pride in more than just their product, but also what the industry is doing for the local workforce: the general contractors, green house manufacturers, security companies, fence installers, security camera installers and providers.

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