Again, The Planning Commission Recommended Passage To Council.

One of the hearings held on that Monday will pertain to changing permitted uses now spelled out in the city code to allow for medical marijuana business to be conducted in the city, in the form of cultivation, processing and dispensing. On Feb. 8, the Richmond Heights Planning Commission gave its recommendation to council to approve the changes. Council recently lifted a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses operating in Richmond Heights, believing the business will be a means to bring to the city increased revenue. Another hearing will be devoted to alternative uses for Richmond Town Square mall. With Sears preparing to close at the mall in March, and with Macy’s having closed there in 2015, city leaders are looking to widen the scope of businesses that can operate on the mall property, again as a means to bring added revenue. Building Commissioner Philip Seyboldt, at last week’s Planning Commission meeting, told of uses now prohibited that he recommended be permitted at the mall property, such as recreational (theaters, assembly and meeting halls, and bowling alleys, among others); day care center; restaurants with a drive-through; schools; data processing; laboratories; law, engineering and sales offices; assembling, packaging and warehousing; new and used vehicle sales; and research facilities. Again, the Planning Commission recommended passage to council. The third public hearing also has to do with the mall, as well as other properties where a business may be closing. Seyboldt has asked council to pass legislation that would require the outdoor areas, including parking lots, of vacant commercial buildings to be lit when it is dark outside.

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