Adult Possession Of Up To One Ounce Of Marijuana Would Also Be Legal Under The Bill.

Legal Pot States Expanding? Vermont House Approves Recreational Marijuana Bill Adults in Vermont are one step closer toward being able to consume marijuana without worrying about going to jail after the House passed a measure this week aimed at legalizing recreational cannabis. Although only by a slim margin, the bill was approved with a 71 to 74 vote Tuesday. The bill, named H.170 , was introduced by House Judiciary Committee Chair Maxine Grad, D-Vt, Vice Chair Charles Conquest, D-Vt, and ranking Republican Representative Tom Burditt, R-Vt. The measure would allow adults 21 and older to use cannabis legally and grow up to two mature marijuana plants and four immature plants in their homes. Adult possession of up to one ounce of marijuana would also be legal under the bill. The bill comes just a few weeks after Vermont’s Senate approved a marijuana measure that would legalize, regulate and tax small amounts of cannabis, similar to Colorado’s recreational laws. The bill, H. 167 , had been previously dismissed when first introduced in 2016, however, the Senate approved the updated proposal with a 21-9 vote. More than likely, the bill won’t receive a House vote until January, during the start of Vermont’s 2018 lawmaking session. As for H.

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