A Third Marijuana Store Plans To Open Across The Street From American Cannabis.

Breidenthal was inside his new business on Friday holding a meeting in his office, but was out of town Monday. Display cases and a new sign for the business already have been installed. Breidenthal remains under investigation bythe Oregon Attorney General’s office for possible financial reporting violations while serving as commissioner, Department of Justice spokeswomanKristina Edmunson confirmed Friday. The AGs review follows an Oregon GovernmentEthics Commission investigation into http://www.newyorkmedmarijuana.com an Association of Counties campaign account Breidenthal initially used to run for an office on the Western Interstate Region, a land use reform group. The Ethics Commission suspended its investigation pending the AG probe. Breidenthal has denied any criminal wrongdoing. Breidenthal’s latest venture is located a short distance from another cannabis shop, Patients Helping Patients in the Albertsons shopping center. A third marijuana store plans to open across the street from American Cannabis. “I don’t like how everyone is right on top of each other,” said Phil Carvalho, owner of Patients Helping Patients.”They should be spread out a bit more.” Carvalho is particularly concerned because his business isn’t as visible from Main Street as his two competitors will be and has put up flashing lights and signs toget more attention. Carvalho was the first medical marijuana dispensary to legallyopen its doors in Medford.

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