A Stalk Of Weed Should Not Bebone Dry.

Google Play The “pot sommelier” has smoked ganja for roughly 20 years. When Catalano, who uses cannabis to treat her migraines, is making edibles or preparing pairing dinners, she looks for several characteristics in her bud. A stalk of weed should be dense with flower the fluffy, green stuff you smoke. “You want it to look healthy and covered in crystals [as] if someone took really fine particles of diamonds or snow and sprinkled it all over the cannabis,” Catalano said. A healthy nug has a light frosting of crystals. Shutterstock There are several signs of stress that users can look for: brown or orange spots might mean the plant grew in an environment that was too hot, while a sparse bud might indicate the plant was exposed to excessive wind. After marijuana http://www.californiamedicalmarijuana.biz is harvested but before it ends up on shelves, the plant undergoes a process called curing , in order to remove moisture from the flower and preserve its flavor and quality. A stalk of weed should not bebone dry. Instead, it shouldbe springy when you pinch the bud between your fingers.

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