A new era dawns for marijuana in Colorado. But some believe relaxed rules go too far.

The 2019 legislative session may one day be remembered as a turning point for the marijuana industry in Colorado — the moment it came to be viewed not as a challenge to be controlled, but as an opportunity to be embraced.

Cannabis advocates and critics alike largely attribute the shift to the man in the governor’s office, Democrat Jared Polis, who promised on the campaign trail to be an “unwavering champion” for the industry.

Polis wasted no time making good on that pledge, swiftly signing into law one measure that his predecessor vetoed. And now, with just a week left in the 120-day legislative session, lawmakers are advancing bills to allow more ailments qualify for medical marijuana treatment, permit home delivery of pot and let marijuana be smoked socially in “hospitality establishments” that would be similar to bars but without the booze.

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