While Parallels Can Be Drawn To Other Industries, Cannabis Growers, Manufacturers And Dispensaries Need Solutions That Cater To The Legal And Logistical Demands Of Our Industry. Baker Works With 250 Dispensaries In 10 States Where Marijuana Is Legal, With Plans To Expand As More States, And Canada, Introduce Ballot Measures To Legalize Recreational Use.

The company, Baker, raised an additional $1.6 million on top of its initial seed round in August for a total haul of $3.5 million. Baker is a software platformthat helps dispensaries generate more revenue, optimize sales, and increase customer... Read more →

Every State Could Legalize Marijuana by 2021

The market for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is growing rapidly, as lawmakers in more states pass legislation legalizing it. Already, 28 states have medical marijuana laws on the books, and eight states have passed recreational... Read more →
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