Why, You Ask?

And now, Canada, which legalized medical marijuana all the way back in 2001, is seriously considering legalizing recreational weed for adults. A recently introduced bill by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would allow Canadians ages 21 and up... Read more →

The Common Response From City Officials Is That Anyone Who Wants Marijuana Can Just Grow It Themselves, But Anyone Not Seeking To Try Their Hand At Amateur Botany Or Looking For Any Of The Various Non-smokeable Cannabis Products Will Probably Have To Drive To The Bay Area Or Southern California.

Proposition 64 allows anyone over 21 to buy up to an ounce of marijuana from a licensed dispensary. Most Valley cities only allow what the state law requires them to allow: The personal-use cultivation of up to six cannabis plants inside a... Read more →

“they Fought It For Years.

“I’m tired of meeting people in a parking lot and hoping the cops don’t show up. I guess I’m really here because I want to feel normal. Now, here I am with a slew of people with no judgment of who I am.” Chazz Levins, of Fallon,... Read more →

Medreleaf Recently Went Public, Becoming The Largest North American Pot Stock Ipo By Market Value Of All Time, While Its Competition Has Been Busy Expanding Grow Capacity In The Wake Of A Growing Number Of Medical Cannabis Customers And The Expectation Of Recreational Legalization. canopy Growth Corp.

For instance, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher in the U.S. is considered impaired for a driver. There aren’t any guidelines for marijuana use, which makes resolving the concerns of lawmakers exceptionally challenging. A possible... Read more →
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