Medical Marijuana Treats For Pets? Doggie Giggles? | Q13 Fox News

Christine Kithcart, owner of Chrissys Kitchen, says she`s been perfecting marijuana treats for dogs and cats for nearly a decade. It started when her beloved dog Pepe who suffered from seizures and arthritis accidentally ingested some medical marijuana. One day Pepe got a hold of the crumble of a cookie that Doug accidentally dropped, and for two days after that he (Pepe) didnt have a seizure, Kithcart said. After discovering what she calls a miracle in a biscuit, Kithcart launched Chrissys Kitchen, selling dog and cat medibles to local dispensaries which, in turn, sell the treats as novelty items. She insists the low dosage in the treats wont harm pets. Local vets say theyre aware of the treats, but dont recommend them because they are not regulated and havent been tested enough to support claims of success.
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