So What Factors Most Impact Cultivators Yields?

An outbreak has been known to destroy entire crops, taking with it revenues in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. It is the threat that has driven some to apply unapproved pesticides. So its not surprising that insect pest/disease... Read more →

Way To Go, L.a.

Back Talk: Legalizing marijuana; Parker and race; Laughing at misery I was reading Jeff Edelstein’s column about how Phil Murphy’s going to legalize marijuana New Jersey. I don’t think they go far enough. They should make it so that... Read more →

Cannabis Cosmetics for a Weed Makeover

All-Natural Cannabis Cosmetics for Your Daily Beauty Routine There are multiple ways of using cannabis aside from smoking and ingesting such as clothing, rope, plastic, paints, paper, and now, cosmetics. These legally produced hemp beauty... Read more →

The Two Worked Together On A Settlement In 2012.

The following April, the Senate confirmed his nomination. The U.S. senators for Hawaii, Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz, praised the confirmation as a step forward for diversity. Describing the judges personality, Keith Lee, a lawyer at the Waianae... Read more →
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